The control room is 60 m². You can read about its other characteristics on the equipment page. the desk is a huge Amek Galileo. There's a wide variety of recent and interestingly out-of-date magazines, as well as the occasional Aku Ankka.


There are a number of different rooms for playing and setting up amplifiers. Room 1 is 120 m² and 500 m³. Basically, it's an enormous room of the sort used for storing large-scale farm machinery. It's great for recording drums, as well as anything else, really.

Room 2 is 24 m² and Room 3 10 m².


We can accommodate 10 to 12 people at a time. There are three separate bedrooms, so a degree of cohabitation is necessary. Boarding includes bedding and towels. No sleeping bags are necessary.

Killing time and relaxin':

For purposes of killing down time, we can offer ping pong, Playstation 2, and an exercise bike, in addition to TV, magazines and comics (mostly in Finnish). In the winter you can use our snowmobile. In the summer, there's a couple of bikes and a moped to play around with.

Petrax Studios is a part of a functioning farm, so if you come at the right time, you can volunteer for farmwork :-) This is by no means compulsory, of course....


There is a sauna in the basement, with showers and a recreation room, complete with a fireplace, VHS, DVD and Playstation, as well as an exercise bike.


Full room and board is an option. The cuisine at Chez Petrax is homecooking. You'll be served breakfast, lunch and supper, in addition to snacks available in the recreation room. The food has been a popular feature with the bands we've had so far.

The kitchen is fully equipped, so you can make your own food, too.

There are a few restaurants and pizza places within driving distance, too, but the surroundings are rather bucolic, so no haute cuisine is available in the area.